Managing Your GMS Account


The Game Management System (GMS) is the RFU's / England Rugby's central database through which players (and club members) are registered, pay their club membership subscriptions, coaches and referees are registered and their training records maintained, fixtures are arranged and results recorded (for the 15-a-side game only) and much, much more.

This is a two stage process which must be completed every season:

Login in to the Club GMS here.

Helpful information on all of the above can be found on the England Rugby site here:

The RFU have introduced a new, streamlined and more user-friendly Personal Profile for all individual users in GMS.  This guide will cover where and how to edit your personal details on your account.   

Once logged into GMS this takes you to your Personal Profile Dashboard; there are 3 locations to amend or edit your details as per below:

  • Under Family and Friends on the left hand side, click on the 3 dots …. icon and click on Edit Details 
  • Click the Edit button in the top banner  
  • Click on your profile image circle icon in the top right hand corner of the page, and under the Profile menu, click on Details

After clicking on Edit you are then taken to the next screen to edit details by clicking on any of the pencil icon or … icons to Edit Details (shown by red arrows).  Or can add new additional ones by clicking on the + icons to Add New (shown by blue arrows).  

An in-page screen opens on the right hand of the screen for you to edit, or add the relevant details and then click Save.

**Please note that if you have a DBS, or are a registered player you may not be able to edit some details yourself like name and DOB so please raise a ticket with the RFU GMS Helpdesk ( for further assistance.

Please check first that you do not have an existing GMS account already set up for you, before you create a duplicate account by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Sign in page for GMS and follow the instructions.  Enter your email addresses (or if you have more than one email account) and/or username.  If you do not know this please contact your club/school/university where they can look up your profile and send you your credentials and the link for you to reset your password.  See guide for How to Reset My Password.

Watch the video here:

If you don’t have a GMS account already:

From the landing page for you to be linked to a club click on Find a Club to search and locate the club by name, postcode or town you want to be linked with, click the tick as circled in blue and then click on Create Account.

Simply fill out the mandatory personal details on this page such as: First and Last name, email, DOB, mobile number and address, and click on NEXT.  
Enter the first line of the address or house number and postcode, and the address finder (click on the magnifying glass icon) will auto populate the rest of the address fields for you, or you can manually edit this.

If you receive this error message you already have a GMS account, please see the guide How to Reset my Password.

On the next page:

– Create and confirm your login password within the rules

– Tick if opt in the Privacy Notice

– Review the GMS and Login Terms and Conditions and tick to confirm

– Review your My Details and correct and click NEXT

You have now created your GMS account, and should be taken into your Personal Profile Dashboard. You are ready to add family and friends, further clubs and organisations and buy memberships if your club utilises this on GMS.

See the guide for What is my Personal Profile for further details.

The RFU have introduced a new, streamlined and more user-friendly Personal Profile for all individual users in GMS.  This guide will cover basic navigation around your Personal Profile and new features on your Profile.  Once logged in to GMS you will be taken to your Personal Profile Dashboard.  See guide How to Reset Your Password for any issues with logging onto GMS. 

Personal Profile Dashboard

From here you may see Verify Account in the Red box (if not verified account before), Action Alerts (top right next to Edit) and Activity needed (such as Communications to read or Unpaid Orders for clubs which utilise Memberships in GMS) and Dashboard of Notifications to Action in Green box

My Teams: Shows if you have a role and are assigned to a team such as U15 (Not shown in this example)

My Organisations:  Can add an organisation to your list using the + icon, click on  to view or remove.  

**Please note you can’t remove organisations if you have a role or a registered player – please contact your club admin to action this.

Click on your profile image circle icon in the top right hand corner and you will access the full Profile menu and also Sign Out of GMS. 

Profile Menu

Dashboard: Personal Profile

Details: Edit Personal Details see guide for How do I check and edit my details?

Roles: List of Roles held as admin

Organisations: Lists of Clubs, Areas, schools/universities and societies

Qualifications: List of certain Qualifications Awarded

Family: List of family linked to your account and can also Add Family Members on here

Credentials: Pin, Password and Username

Communication: Communication Preferences

Communication History: Emails received through GMS

Product Orders: Details of any Orders

Memberships: Details of your Membership schemes

Events: Events Details

Direct Debits: Details of Direct Debits

Education: Booking History of all courses and Qualifications such CPD listed

Click on GMS on the website to the GMS sign on page and click on the Forgot Password link to enter your registered email address/es, or user name (if you know it) to receive an email link to reset your password.   


Please follow the instructions to enter your username (if known), or email address.  You may need to enter all your possible email addresses you have.  Tick the Captcha box to confirm you are not a robot and click on Reset Password.


You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password:  



Click on the Red Reset Password link in the email to take you to Reset Password, page.  Please note passwords must be at least 8 characters long, and contain an upper case character, a lower case character, a special character and a number. 

Once you have changed your Password, you will be prompted to sign back into GMS, with your new password and your user name shown on your email notification and will land on your Personal Profile Dashboard.  (see What is my Personal Profile guide for further information).



**If after 48 hours and checking your email Junk/Spam and Deleted folders, and you still haven’t received a reset email notification, then please submit a ticket for further assistance. If this link expires, then click on the Forgot Password again. 


After signing into GMS, you may be asked to verify your account if not done so already – see the guide How Do I Verify My Account

Will the new personal profile be available on a mobile device?

Yes the Personal Profile module and associated key tasks such as purchasing a membership, creating and updating an age grade registration have now been optimised for mobile devices.  

Will my login/account stay the same?  

Yes, there are no changes to your username or account details.  

What age groups need to register online?

Age Grade Player Registration is an online annual process for club players between U7 to U18.  RFU Regulation 15 requires players to be registered annually online each season.  For parents of individuals U6 and below; the child’s account can be added to GMS and attached to a club but there is no requirement to formally register. 

Using the online registration and sign up process in GMS removes the need for paper forms, reduces administrative burden, increases data accuracy and places the ownership/update of data with the parents. 

Can Age Grade Players now register at multiple clubs?

Change to regulation now permits Age Grade Players to be registered at multiple clubs.  This will reduce need to de-register and transfer players.  Please note, this doesn’t apply in the Adult game.  Regulations still require players to be registered at one club at a time (unless they fall into the regulated categories of dual reg which include the student and military pass).

What do parents need to do ahead of the new season?

We encourage all parents of players to login to GMS and ensure their details are up to date.  This is encouraged across all age groups this season as we transition to an online self-registration process that will see auto de-registration of players annually from 2021/22.

Does the rest of GMS function the same?

Yes, for club administrators you will still be able to navigate to your other organisations/clubs and access modules of GMS that you have permission to view.  


Age Grade Player Registration For A Parent/Guardian

First time registering?

Watch this video to find out how to register your child on the RFU Game Management System.

This is a mandatory requirement for your child to be able to play rugby.

Renew Player Registration

Renew your child's registration

This example is to show a parent/guardian how to renew a player registration for an existing child (Age Grade player) who is already linked to a club on the RFU GMS, where they have been a registered player before and the parents/guardians have competed the player registration form previously.

Once you have logged into GMS as the linked parent/guardian, on your Personal Profile under the Green Dashboard Notifications, you simply click on the Renew Player Registration link to complete.

Or you can click on your child’s profile under Family and Friends and then click on the link for Renew Player Registration.

**If your child is not linked to your account – please contact your club directly who can link your accounts so you can then complete this process.